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Waxing services


Waxing is an amazing way to remove unsightly hair anywhere whether you're going on a beautiful beach vacation or using as your general grooming service. Allowing hair to grow a minimum of three weeks (the length of a grain of rice) prior to waxing you won't have to worry shaving or tweezing.

A great way to either contour your brows or just get rid of embarrassing hair. If you can grow it I can remove it! Trimming prior is not necessary.

  • Brow 15
  • Lip 10
  • Chin 10
  • Sideburns 10
  • Brow, Lip and Chin 35
  • Full Face 45
  • Underarms 10
  • Chest 50
  • Stomach 20
  • Back / Half Back 25/50
  • Arm / Half Arm 25/35
  • Half Leg / Full Leg 25/50
  • Bikini 30
  • French 40
  • Brazillan 50


So many options for your lashes you can choose from tinting, perming or lash extensions!

Tinting can be done to your lashes or your brows. Not adding the thickness and clumsiness that mascaras can make your lashes look like. If you feel like your natural lashes are amazing but need little boost a tint that can last for over a month is a great way to make your already beautiful eyes look gorgeous.

Perming or Lifting is a wonderful for lashes that are straight have an amazing curl to them lasting up to 2 months!! This service can be beautifully paired up with a lash tint.

These beautiful lashes will immediately enhance anyone's eyes. Making them look more beautiful than using messy sticky mascara can do. Lashes Extensions are amazing for anyone who wants to literally wake up and feel like they are ready to go and already be stunning! Lash extensions are applied per individual natural eyelash. Lash extensions can be for anyone who has even then shortest most delicate lashes. They grow out naturally with your own hair. Lash extension come in a variety of thickness, lengths and curl. Fills typically happen between every 2-4 weeks, all depended on person's own growth & wear and tear. Please contact with any questions you may have, or to book a consolation.

  • Classic Lashes - Full Set 150
  • Classic Fill 65
  • Volume Lashes - Full Set 200
  • Volume Fill 80
  • OMG Mega Volume Lashes - Full Set 250
  • OMG Mega Volume Fill 100
  • Mini Set (1 hour) 125
  • Touch Ups (30 mins) 45
  • Lash Perm/Lift 65
  • Lash Lift & Tint 75
  • Lash Tint 20
  • Brown Tint 15
Eye Lash tinting, perming and extensions
Facials and Treatments for your skin


Enjoying a refreshing treatment for your skin in Ciroccos beautiful rooms will revive your skin and soul. Come relax while your skin gets Exfoliated, Hydrated and recharged. Making your skin feel better than it has in years by using amazing products from Skin Script, Bella Schneider and Glymed. Treatments range from a 15 min express peels to dermaplaning treatment.

Add a quick peel after most of your services without having to add any extra time to your already busy schedule.

  • Add On Peel ( to any Lash service) 35
  • Dermaplane 15 minute 35
  • Dermaplane 50 minute 65
  • Cirocco is the best! She has been waxing and doing my lashes extensions for years! Her kind and comforting demeanor makes her services that much better! She loves what she does and it shows. -Caitlin Piccolo

  • I was certain, I was the expert of my feminine grooming needs especially after seeing various other estheticians. I was positive I needed no guidance, then I met Cirocco. This was over five years ago. She has become the only esthetician I feel comfortable with. I am very particular. No matter what, Cirocco, is very professional and always makes me feel comfortable. I give her my highest praise. -Erin Alexander

  • I've been going to Cirocco for 9 years, she's great at what she does and the results speak for themselves! -Sara Sassi Kippes

  • I have been seeing Cirocco for almost ten years and there is a reason. Cirocco is always prompt and courteous. She takes great pride in her work and is amazing at it. She has always left me feeling confidant and happy. -Sarah Losano

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